I love Star Wars and Frozen, will read almost anything I can get my hands on, and write whatever comes to mind. I listening to all kinds of music-whatever catches my attention, and love anything vintage. I like a wide variety of things and my rebloging reflects it. Enjoy!
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Frozen characters and their respective actors on the new season of Once Upon a Time (click on the pictures to know their names)

My love for Georgina Haig is reaching crisis point.

Soon, I’m going to be seeking out terrible B-movies. It will happen. I can feel it.

…This is why I don’t get into actors.

But just look at her. How could you not love her? (I also like Elsa’s hand there.)

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First photos back of sailorclairedelune and I as Teen/Princess Anna and Elsa.  I made both costumes and am insanely proud of both of them.  We debuted these at SDCC this past weekend to unexpected success lol.  I thought for sure my costume was gunna be obscure and hard to recognize but every little kid we saw called out for me over Anna.  It was great to see Anna and Elsa still receiving such a positive reception.

Photos by HAILtotheKING and dtjaaaam

Elsa: facebook.com/angiviper

Anna: facebook.com/clairedeluneofficial